Vegan hair and skin care

Living in a cold climate for most of the year really tends to dry out our hair and our skin. It’s so irritating to get split ends that cause dry, ratty-looking hair. And as for the skin, it seems like no matter how much moisturizers you use it is still dry, itchy and uncomfortable.

Well the solution isn’t far away! It’s no secret that natural is always best, so that’s why I’m recommending the use of 100% pure coconut oil.

For hair: Coconut oil usually hardens when not heated, so it’s important to heat it a little bit so you can coat your hair from the roots to the ends. Once you have done this, wrap up your hair in a hair cap or even a plastic bag and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then simply wash your hair. NOTE: This works even better if you have a heating cap because it moisturizes the follicles.

For skin: Warm the oil slightly and apply every night before bed on clean skin. Within a week or so you should notice a great difference in the texture and moisture of your skin.

Try it! You’ll love it!

NOTE: Coconut oil is also a great, less-fatty option to cook with. And it’s delicious!

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